Drink Beer without getting Drunk

drink-recipeJim Koch knows beer. He makes beer it’s his job and he’s good at it. Koch, after all, is co-founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company, which makes, among others, Sam Adams Beer.

Part of his job it to advertise, sell and also “demonstrate” his product it. A perfect “Dream Job” for any beer aficionado, but with z serious drawback. You have to stay sober.

The “secret” Koch uses to keep himself on his feet at beer various conventions, festivals and parties was first devised by a Harvard educated friend with a PhD in biochemistry, and an specialty in “fermentation science”. He discovered the secret of drinking beer without getting drunk.

This expert probably knew more about fermentation and “alcohol metabolism” that any other person alive. He patented and advertised a product called Preque, an all-natural pill designed to limit drunkenness. No one was interested in drinking without “the buzz” and Owades died a forgotten man, except for Jim Koch, who learned the secret of Owades “cure”.

It was yeast. Active dry yeast contains an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenases or ADH. ADH basically breaks alcohol molecules into their constituent parts: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which is what happens when your body metabolizes alcohol in your liver and that’s what makes you drunk.

But if you have that ADH enzyme in your stomach when the alcohol first “arrives”, the ADH will break it down before it gets into the bloodstream and then your brain.

Now no one wants to swallow yeast, and it’s not the most favorite party snack, but mixing the yeast with Yogurt before drinking beer or any alcoholic beverage will mitigate the effect.

Don’t worry. ADH does not eliminate the effects of alcohol. You can still get a nice “buzz”, but you won’t get drunk.


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