Edible Xmas Presents

Having problems finding a gift for friends, neighbors, co-workers, or those “hard to shop for” relatives?  To save some money, time and frustration shopping for friends and relatives, just visit the kitchen this holiday season, not the malls. Whip up some holiday cakes, cookies and sweets for personalized, home-made gifts for your friends and relatives. You’re going to be cooking anyway, so make it part of the tradition, and you can avoid extra trips to the mall and avoid the confusion and stress of trying to find a gift that the neighbors relative don wont already have or need..

And no need for elaborate packaging or wrapping.  Metal tins or waxed-cardboard “takeout” boxes covered with extra wrapping paper with ribbons will make the gift seasonal and festive. You can also pair your creations with boxes of coffee or tea or even with a bottle of wine or bubbly. Just add a card and you have a present! Some suggestions are:

Gingerbread Men.  A traditional holiday treat. To personalize, bake and decorate them as Santa Claus, elves, reindeers and candy canes.

Candied Almonds. Simple to make and easily packaged and portable. Make them as individual gifts wrapped in tissue or fill a box or tin for a group.

Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies . Decorative with Christmas color, you camn make them bite-size or extra large.

Coffee Cake Cupcakes.  Bake individual cupcakes from your favorite Coffee Cake recipe. Good for snacking while opening presents.

Use your own favorite recipes; the secret is to make them simple, so you can make them easily and saving you from having to shop for presents for friends and relatives. Make sure you mention expiration dates to prevent spoilage, if necessary.

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