Electric Violinist Stephanie

Stephanie’s musical training began at age 3 when her mother discovered her sounding out nursery songs on the piano and composing melodies. At age 10, Stephanie won her first songwriting competition. Through her teenage years she studied classical piano, viola, and voice and also showcased her own songs in talent shows. She also began performing wedding ceremony music at age 15, and began work as a wedding soloist at age 18, where she discovered her talent and passion for performing unique customized song requests for wedding ceremonies. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and Spanish at Western Michigan University and moved to Mexico, where she played in professional orchestras. Stephanie now lives in Virginia, where she officially formed Stephanie Mathias Music, performing pop covers on electric violin for special events, personalized wedding ceremony music on acoustic viola, and singing and playing her original pop songs in live music venues such as the Café Sazón, The Epicure Café, and El Paso Café. She produced her first EP “Fragile” with award-winning recording artist Marco Delmar in 2017.

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