Ending the Holiday “Humbug”

Does the thought of rushing to buy presents, decorating the tree, and having to watch “The Muppet Christmas Carol” once again on TV seem more of a chore than a celebration?  Here are some suggestions to make every holiday a new and unique experience:

  • Start a tradition that everyone in the family writes a short story about the year gone by and what their Christmas wishes are, what they want to do and accomplish for the coming year, what presents they want; then seal them up and keep them until the next Christmas, and make a tradition of reading last year’s Christmas letters after the presents have been opened.
  • Instead of putting all the presents under the tree, hide them around the house, and make a game of finding them, leaving clues under the tree instead. Once a present is found, then they put it under the tree and when all presents are found then everyone opens their present. Make sure that you don’t forget where they are hidden, and make the clues easy enough so it won’t be that difficult to find.
  • Turn off the TV!  Go to the park, see a movie and go out for Dinner. Better yet, try the old tradition of going caroling to and  with your neighbors.
  • Visit a hospital or retirement home. Sing carols, or bring some small inexpensive gifts or Christmas cards for the residents and patients.

Small thoughtful changes like these will revitalize your holidays and give it more meaning than just about opening presents, eating food and watching specials on TV. It will also serve as a lesson to your children that the Christmas Holidays are really about sharing, friendship and fellowship.

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