For American Muslims, Christmas is a Holiday

For American Muslims, Christmas is a Holiday, But Not a “Holy Day”

Christmas in the Traband household seems familiar. A plate of cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer and a stocking full of treats and a traditional Christmas tree decorated with keepsakes and ornaments.
But there is no angel on the top the tree, since that would conflict with the family’s faith.

The Traband’s are Muslims.

“The magic of Christmas is the part we celebrate,” says Mr. Traband, 45. “We didn’t get into the whole religious thing.”

While others campaign to “Keep the Christ in Christmas” as the holiday become more and more secular, it’s not uncommon to use the occasion as their part of American culture; as American as their children signing up for Little League.

Just how many Muslims observe the holiday is unclear, since it is a personal choice that other Muslims might criticize, but if they were to be asked,, Muslims might discover there may be another Muslim families who put up trees or send letters to Santa.

Jesus is regarded as a prophet in Islam, so celebrating Christmas is not religious: “Islam is our religion and Christmas is just a holiday we partake in, it was part of assimilating.”

Many Americans who believe that “Christmas is Christian” fail see the far larger message is “good will to man” with no caveats regarding race, religion or belief.

Indeed the motto is “Peace on earth , goodwill to men” has no caveats regarding race or belief; and the theme of “Good will to all” is part of both the secular and religious elements of Christmas.

It would be good if the slogans used in Christmas become a reality all year long.

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