Games to Movies, Movies to Games

Are “Video Games” making the movie industry obsolete? For decades, Hollywood blockbusters has been the leading form of entertainment, but now statistics say that more people play video games than go to movies. Even more that TV, movies are now losing audiences. The main reason: Computers, and computer games.

Those once huge cabinets of wires and vacuum tubes that were the sole property of corporations and government “think tanks” now sit comfortably on desks in offices and homes. And that, along with the interactive nature of computers and computer games, pose a problem for movie makers.

Remember when movies theatres ran those the “News of the Day” features?

No more; because now anyone can get today’s news and special events from the internet and no movie can let you contact people worldwide or chat and play games with someone in real time. Home computers now provide news, entertainment and most of all, interactivity, something a movie could never provide.

Why watch some actor shoot the bad guys, or drive a Ferrari in Le Mans when you can “do it yourself” in a computer game?

But does that mean the movie industry is obsolete? Not really: If you can’t beat them, join them! Computers and computer games don’t need to threaten

Hollywood any more that television did, you just adapt.

We see movies based on computer games, and computer games based on movie themes. Maybe In the future we may see movies with the same interactivity of computers games, with audiences interactively deciding how the hero deals with a threat or solves a dilemma, depending on the choices the majority of the audience makes.

That would make each movie’s viewing interactive and the plot and resolutions different enough to entice an, audience to see, and “play” the movie again.

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