Getting Away with “Murder”

Getting tired of cocktail and dinner party chit-chat?

Try something different: “Murder” someone!

Well not really. Just host a “Murder Mystery Party”. A murder mystery game is ideal for social events, charity nights company parties or just to liven up an evening with friends with something different than Bridge or Scrabbles..

In a Murder Mystery Game, each guest (and the host) plays a character; except someone has committed a murder. During the course of the game, everyone tries to find out who the “murderer” is, while the ‘murderer” tries to avoid detection.

It may sound complicated, but it’s not. There are Murder Mystery game kits available; boxed games are available in many large game stores, but the best ”Murder Mystery” games can be found on the Internet from publishers who provide more games to choose from.  The game is downloaded online complete with a full set of instructions, including detailed character sheets, clues and props – everything you need to host an unforgettable evening.  All you need to provide is the scene of the “crime” and the “suspects”.

Once you purchase the game, the instructions will tell you what to do. All you have to do then is to invite your “victims” over to solve the mystery.  Add to the atmosphere by sending printed invitations, and print out the character profiles and use the props described in the scenario. The extra effort will pay off with a unique and different experience for your guests.

You can also hire a “Murder Mystery Host”, who can provide everything required, including professional, fully costumed entertainers. A hosted Murder Mystery game is also an ideal “team building” activity for office parties and conferences, where teamwork and cooperation is reinforced, not by lectures and charts, but as entertainment.



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