Graduation Party Ideas

Traditional graduation ceremonies may be dignified and solemn, that doesn’t mean a graduate and his or her family and friends cannot celebrate this important event with a party.

But how can you make the party unique and as memorable as the ceremony itself? Here are some ideas for a graduation celebration.

First, decorate the space with the school colors. Make a sort of “museum” or “Wall of Fame” with photos and memorabilia of the graduate’s progress in school and life to graduation: diplomas, awards, participation in sports, band or school plays and projects.   Paste pictures of the graduate on get a roll of white paper and put it on one wall of the party space. Have some crayons or markers available for the guests to write messages and comments.

You can also have a kind of “This is Your Life” presentation, recalling those important events, solemn, humorous and whimsical. If your graduate was active in sports, academics, band, debate team or other extra-curricular activities plan the party around their specialty. Have a Graduate Trivia Game: what was the graduate’s final grade point average? What role did he or she have in the school play?

What about the food?  You might want to have our party catered. Pot Luck is a money saving alternative, but coordinate with your guests so that everyone doesn’t bring meat loaf. If you decide to cook, make sure you get RSVPs so you know how many to cook for. Prepare some meatless dishes for vegetarians, and make sure you have your graduate’s favorite food available also. A buffet is the easiest way to fed your guests, it also lessens the cooking work load, since with a variety of dishes you don’t have to have prepare as much for  each dish as you would with a single sit down meal.

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