Great Dinner Parties

Party Music  DC/MD/VAWhat’s the difference between an ordinary dinner and a great dinner party? What’s the difference between eating in a high class restaurant and eating fast food? Sure, they both serve meals, but only one makes eating an event! Good food is the payoff, but great dinner parties aren’t just about eating. The experience of your Dinner Party should begin when your guests walk through the door.

Play music. Playing some appropriate music in the background adds a subtle touch of class even for a home get-together.

Set the Mood.  Along with the music, set the mood and style of the party – festive, formal, or casual – by the way you choose the environment. Is it a sit-down meal around the dinner table, or a less formal meal on the patio? Is it a garden party or sitting in the living room watching videos? How about “pot luck” where guests bring a dish to share?

Use the Art of Conversation. If everyone is quietly munching, take the initiative and start a “dinner table discussion”. When the guests arrive, make sure everyone is introduced and set aside time for them to “mingle”. Appetizers and drinks are perfect “ice breakers”.

Be involved. Don’t stay in the kitchen; your meal should be already prepared and ready to serve, so all you have to do is serve. Planning your menu and cooking schedule beforehand will let you be a part of the party, not just a waiter or waitress running back and forth from kitchen to dining room. Make sure your guests feel welcomed and comfortable, especially if they are not acquainted with everyone.

Anticipate. Having the meal prepared beforehand requires making sure it’s still is “ready to eat”!  Warm the plates before serving hot food on them. Bon Appetite!

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