Have a Fashion Show at Home

For a change-of-pace from the home tea-party, Canasta, Bridge and gossip get-together, try hosting a Home Fashion Show.

It’s easier than it sounds. Just invite your friends to bring two or three of their most dressy, sexy and elegant clothes they have. It’s all for fun so they don’t have to be Dior ensembles, just what they wear for special occasions for going out, or just what they feel good wearing. The point is to have fun, not get on the cover of Vogue.

The trick is to make it a real show. Set up a backdrop to pose from, or,  If you have a long hallway or a long enough room, make it into  a fashion show runway, where  the models go down and back, posing for pictures at the end.  Arranging lamps to light up the “runway” and play music as each model takes their turn. Lighting is important so bring in several extra lamps to light up the backdrop, and fashion models.

If there are guests who aren’t participating, make them the “fashion press” and let them take pictures, and make a movie of the event to show when you meet again. Draw lots for who goes first, second, etc.  While the first “model” performs, the second one gets ready, and so on until all have shown off their “haute couture”.

The purpose is to have fun. Make up categories such as Most Fashionable, Most Creative, or even “Miss Most Out of Character” (the shy girl who shows up in a sexy outfit for example), and award prizes to the winners.

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