How NOT to Write your Resume

Write your Resume

Job seekers often concentrate so much on what to put IN their resume, few pay attention to what they should leave OUT. Here is a list of Job-Killers in resumes. Beware!

Humor, Boasting and other Irrelevancies.  A resume is not the place to show your sparkling wit or unique sense of humor.  Neither do statements about your intellectual brilliance and keen sense of humor. Overconfident, boastful or “out there” statements on your objectives, skills or character will ensure that the rest of your resume isn’t read.

Adding Irrelevant Job Experience.  So you were great flipping burgers in your summer job at McDonalds – but will it impress someone who’s looking for an experienced accountant? Focus on related skills that match the job, and other personal qualities that will get you an interview.

Achievements that Aren’t. Being head cheerleader does not prove your leadership capabilities, nor does being Senior Class President make you managerial material. List professional and community service and awards instead.

Physical Characteristics. Pictures should never be included with your resume unless you are an actor or model.  Leave out any references to physical characteristics unless they are important and necessary for the job.

Private or Personal Issues.  Sexual orientation, religious and political affiliations, marital status, age, and whether you have children should not be included on your resume. Most are irrelevant, some may be controversial.  And they may either  or obviously influence the interviewer. Leave them out.

Bad grammar, errors and obvious padding. Typos, poor grammar and obvious “padding” is an automatic rejection. Proofread your resume, and then have someone else you know read it too. Avoid clichés and generalities – just about every applicant is “Detail oriented and a multi-tasker”. Be specific about your skills and talents.








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