How to Be A Professional Musician

It not just but getting gigs an getting paid for them that make someone a “professional musician”. If you want to end up in the Billboard Top Ten, just doing high school proms and county fair performances aren’t enough. Many professional musicians manage their professional lives, but especially those starting out, there are some basic skills they need to know.

Be on Time! A lot of musicians miss this common sense tip. Even some and arrive late at concerts, parties and events.

Perhaps it’s the perception that waiting heightens an audience’s expectations, so the arrival becomes an “event” in itself. That may have worked for Mick Jagger, but it won’t work for you. Being punctual is a sign of maturity, as well as consideration for your audience and sponsors. And if you arrive early, you have ample time to set up and warm up before you perform.

Pack it yourself. The last thing you wanted is to find set up for a performance and find the gear you amplifier is missing. If you have a lot of equipment; instruments, amplifiers, lighting, have a list of what you need for every gig. Don’t entrust the task of packing your instruments and equipment to anyone else but yourself.

Advertise! Consider selling CDs of your best songs and performances, and invest in T-shirts as well . It may be expensive but it helps publicize your band and also helps get new bookings. Some free autographed photos helps advertise your band’s “name recognition”.

Can potential employers reach you? The wider your audience is and the more your friends and associates help in networking with other professional musician, the better the chances of finding more and better gigs later on. Don’t forget the Internet. It’s free and it’s BIG.

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