How to Choose a Wedding Cake

The centerpiece of any wedding reception is the wedding cake. All the thought, care and effort that went into planning the wedding and reception should also be given to choosing the wedding cake.  .  Most bakers have a portfolio of their latest cake creations, but if you have a special order it might be a bit more expensive. It might seem tricky to decide which cake  to order, so let your taste be the leading factor, just make sure that the cake design blends with the theme of your wedding.

Her are some things to consider:

The Wedding. Make sure that the cake will match your wedding theme and décor so it and so it doesn’t look like it was bought “off the shelf” in the supermarket.

The Size. The size of your wedding cake will depend on how many guests you expect. In a small intimate wedding and reception, a huge ornate cake may look overdone and out of place, as well as a waste of money and time.  Make sure the cake fits both the “theme” and the size of the wedding.

The Chef. Unless you are a master pastry chef with a lot of time to spare, don’t try to bake the cake yourself. If you don’t know a good pastry chef, get some recommendations. Make sure to specify the expected size of the reception, and discuss the type of cake you want. Include specifics like type of icing, filling, and decorations to ensure the cake fit the occasion. Arrange for a “taste test” from the baker before approving the baking of the entire cake.

The Season.  Depending on the season, especially in summer or in hot climates you may have to rule out certain decorations and icings because of the heat and humidity. Discuss with your baker the best options.

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