How to have a Dinner Party without having to Cook

Throwing a party is hard enough without having to cook meals and prepare for drinks, snacks and appetizers for it too.  So here are some tips to lighten the load without breaking the bank.

Of course, hiring a caterer to provide food and refreshments is the easiest alternative.  Caterers are professionals and you can be sure that your party will have the best. But the “best” is always expensive, so if you want to stretch you budget, consider other alternatives.

Hosting a dinner at a restaurant is an alternative, but that can get expensive too, even with a selected menu to choose from. Plus, it’s hard to have a congenial meal and dinner table conversation at a restaurant with waiters and other diners adding to the din.

So a large order of take out /delivery food will help lower the expense.  Choose the menu and shop around for a good quality take out/ delivery restaurant.  Order the food early;  pick it up an hour or so before the party so you can keep it warm in the oven and serve it on your own dishes, as if you cooked it yourself  —  and who needs to know the truth?  Not having to cook frees up a lot of time to clean house and prepare and plan for other activities for your party: decoration, gifts, music, games, karaoke; without exhausting yourself.

“Potluck” parties at your home, or picnics and Beach parties where all participants provide something to eat and drink helps share the cost and effort, without a lot of expense to anyone.  Everyone contributes something and your load as host or hostess is made that much easier.

The trick is to make sure not everybody shows up with a Tuna casserole.  So coordinate with your guests- have some provide food, some the desserts, and some others provide liquid refreshment .

Everyone contributes, You don’t go bankrupt or have a nervous breakdown  preparing,  and a good time is had by all.

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