How to Hire a Band

Probably, first question you will ask is “Why SHOULD I hire a band”?

To answer that, ask another question:  How many run-of-the-mill parties have you have been to (or hosted) that are all the same, an evening of drinks and  small talk?  Even parties where the company, the food and refreshments are first rate, always “talking shop” can get old too.

Hired bands are not only for big “tux and corsage” events – block parties, reunions or just a planned weekend “bash” with old friends can be even more memorable with a live band..

Hiring a band can be intimidating. It involves additional planning and expense. Be sure of your needs and expectations and what you can afford, ahead of time.  The band will also have its needs and expectations.  The objective is that you, your guests, and your hired band can call the evening a success.

So here are some tips:.

Consider the specifics:  Is your event formal or informal. Do you want music with dinner and/or dancing or maybe “Sing Along” “Open Mike” or a concert?  Determine a band’s specialty and if it fits your needs.

Consider the logistics: Do you want a large or small band?  Is there room for dancing, is adequate power for instruments and lighting.  Also consider decorations and how the band will “fit” with the room and with the guests.

Hire professionals: You might save some money booking an amateur “garage band”, but will they be on time, able to play different music genres and act professionally?  Get references and recommendations.  Remember:  good bands get a lot of gigs.  So Book Early!

Budget accordingly:  Professional musicians will be more expensive, but will also have the talent and experience. Smaller bands are cheaper and more flexible.  Set up a budget and negotiate.


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