How to Plan a Bachelor Party

The first rule in organizing a bachelor party is simple; don’t let the groom plan the party. Take the initiative, but listen to what the groom wants. Bachelor parties don’t have to be drunken orgies. If the groom wants a low-key get-together, then don’t go recruiting go-go girls. Listen to the groom and script the outing based on his wishes.

But drunken orgies are so passé, and it’s not a good idea to have the groom start a marriage with a guilt trip. Be creative but adult in your planning and start planning earlier rather than later. Get the date set and then set up the guest list, find an available location for the bash and send out the invitations.

The longer you wait the fewer options you will have. Determine the price tag, and how it’s going to be paid. The best, and fairest, option is to have the guests contribute for the expenses, so set a reasonable budget. Obviously, that’s going to take organization and planning, so be realistic.

Most importantly, make sure the groom is having fun. No matter what the details of the celebration, the biggest goal is to make the evening memorable for him. This is the last night of his bachelor life and you want to give him the biggest sendoff possible. So don’t simply take him to a movie. Make his last night as a bachelor both memorable and classy.

Don’t forget gifts for the groom. They can be an album of photo of college and bachelor get-togethers, an engraved beer mug commemorating the bachelor bash, or even joke gifts.  The goal is to have a good time, celebrate both past and the future.   And remember take lots of photos for future reunions, or blackmail.

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