How to Pump up a Party

Tired of Canasta and Bridge nights?  Are get-togethers getting as stale as the beer and pretzels?  Surprise your friends with a real party next time. Just a little more effort can make a get-together a real event.  Here are some suggestions:

1.Instead of just the  beer and pretzels, Make some Punch  by filling a punch bowl with a jug of inexpensive red wine, add  maraschino cherries (including the juice), and a half dozen each of lime, lemon, and orange wedges. Let it age in the fridge over night for about eight hours.

2.Instead of cooking a whole meal, just serve dessert.  Have a variety of cakes and several flavors of ice cream and toppings so that your guests can “make their own”.

3.Bring out the “ham” for your guests by renting a karaoke player for your party.

4.Have a “nostalgia party”. Bring back your High School/ College days by having a “prom night” with the appropriate 1960’s, 70’s or 80’s throwback attire. Recreate a college “kegger” with a keg or two of beer to break the ice.

5.Have a Costume Party with a movie theme. Host a “James Bond” or “Star Wars” costume party where everyone arrives as a character in the movies. Have prizes for the most realistic character from the movies. You can also show a video of one of the movies as well.

6.Host an “ice breaker”:  expand you circle of friends by having each invited guest to bring along a friend or acquaintance to attend the party with them.

7.Hire or recruit a dance instructor then watch your guests do the Macarena and the Electric Slide.

A little “out of the box” thinking can make a party a unique and memorable event.

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