How To Win a Beauty Contest

Believe it or not, it’s not really about being “beautiful” at all. After all, If you’re in a Beauty Contest then being beautiful is a given, It gets you in the door but being beautiful alone doesn’t guarantee anyone the crown and bouquet! As the saying goes, “Beauty is only skin deep”. Beauty contestant judges look a little deeper than that.

If a “beauty contest” was really about beauty alone, the contest would be brutally short: contestants would line up and the judges would pick the most” beautiful” of them the winner; but it’s doubtful there would ever be a consensus. The fact is, Just being a beautiful isn’t enough. Beauty gets you in the door, but it’s the other qualities: Talent, Congeniality and “Poise” that wins the prize.

Beauty pageants are really “Talent Contests” for beautiful girls. She must be intelligent as well as poised, she must present herself eloquently and intelligently as a speaker as well as being a performer. She must be dignified, poised, and articulate as well as talented.s

That is why there is a career track for “Beauty Pageant Coaches”. The majority of beauty pageant contestants, and beauty pageant winners, have coaches, and most coaches have been contestants themselves, or have been involved in beauty pageants for some time. Beauty contestants and Beauty Contestant winners don’t do it alone. Beauty pageant winners are the first to admit that their coaches played a vital role in their success. It’s all about training, and practice and they provide the basics that judges are looking for: posture, poise and confidence. She already has the beauty.

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