“Jack the Ripper” Identified!

England’s most legendary, anonymous and world famous and serial killer may have been a renowned poet. .

Australian teacher and amateur sleuth Richard Patterson claims to have identified the archetypical serial killer known as “Jack the Ripper” to be Francis Thompson, a renowned poet by day, and moonlighting at night as a “butcher”. Patterson, a 45-year-old educator, says his exhaustive 20-year research shows the renowned poet was also the legendary “Jack the Ripper” that in 1888 murdered five London prostitutes during a 10-week killing spree.

So what’s his proof? According to Patterson, had surgical experience and Thompson had also hinted at his double life in some of the poems he wrote; which mentioned killing people. Superficial evidence states that as part of his practice Thompson “helped with surgery” and is known to have dissected “heaps of cadavers while a student,” according to Patterson’s research. Patterson’s theory is that Thompson “snapped” after a relationship with a local prostitute went wrong. Thompson was also addicted to opium and had links to at least one of East London prostitutes. Just before and soon after the murders, Thompson wrote about “killing female prostitutes with knives” and even wrote a short story, titled “Finis Coronat Opus” about committing a bloody murder of a woman.

With all that superficial and literary evidence, one would think that Patterson would have been at least a suspect, but perhaps Victorian social perceptions would never have considered one of the “upper classes” to do such things.

Today we tend to accept that even the “pillars of society” can do bad things. Consider Bill Cosby, O. J. Simpson and Ted Kennedy among others who may not have blood on their hands, but certainly have feet of clay.

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