Julia Kasdorf & the Ready Boys Country Band

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Howdy. What do I do? I play a fine acoustic guitar and sing, too.

Julia Kasdorf & the Ready Boys can play almost any style, like rock ‘n roll, pop, standards, folk, soul. I also write a lot of songs.

Where do I play? I love to find cool new places to play, and more and more a turning up in Loudoun. Lots of wineries in Loudoun County, as well as local concert venues, singer/songwriter series events, restaurants, and brew pubs.

What can I offer? A professional delivery, a convival stage presence, and a passion for what I do. I love to engage with an audience, as if we were all just hanging out in my living room. I always invite requests because I enjoy the challenge (Frank Sinatra? No problem!) of making any song sound good, and also because I like to know what’s on someone’s mind.

What else? I can bring along my pedal-steel playing, stand-up bass playing husband, and then you (we!) are in for a real treat! The best, sweetest pedal steel this side of the Pecos, or a fat, solid bass plank for me to strut on! And when we really want to throw it down, we can bust out my rockin’ band, Julia & the Ready Boys!

What’s new? I just released my first self-titled cd! It has lots of new stuff on it, some that was recorded stripped down and bare, just a guitar and me, but then a song like “Blue Veil” has 27 musicians on it! I offer this cd for sale at my gigs, as well as my old band’s excellent cd, “Dawn Will Deliver”, by One Horse Town.

Also I was pleased to be the subject of an article in Leesburg Today this past summer as a local Loudoun musician. Singer Julia Kasdorf at the Top of Her Game

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