Kitchen Utensils You Don’t Really Need

For the home chef, it’s often hard to decide if that new kitchen utensil or gadget is really necessary or useful. Here are some new kitchen “gadgets” that may seem useful, trendy or unique, but ask yourself if you really want to spend money on them.

Roast Cutting Tongs: Slicing a piece of meat is merely an issue of positioning your knife and fork correctly. So why pay almost $30 for tongs to hold a steak when your knife and fork has been doing just fine all these years?

The My Meal Measure  is a plastic disk about the size of a dinner plate with holes in it. The idea is that instead of piling up your plate with mounds of mashed potatoes, rice, etc. you place these side dishes into the smaller holes on the Meal Measure, to help limit your intake and your waistline. But at $20, you can save that much money by just saying “No thanks” to a second helping.

If you’re into making your own salad dressing, the Prepara Dressing Whiz, a small jar with an aerating propeller that helps you blend the ingredients together so you have a perfect salad dressing. But at $30, you can buy a lot of ready-made dressing without the extra expense.

For some reason, the makers of the Ham Dogger ($7 and change) think that an appliance that molds ground beef into the shape of a Hot Dog is going to be a big seller. Well, maybe for a kosher picnic.

The Plucky makes it easy to remove the yellow yolk from the white of an egg. Just squeeze and the Plucky plucks the egg yolk right out of the whites. If you want to save the $13 price tag, use a spoon.

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