Let’s “Jam”!

If you and your friends are musically inclined, having an informal jam session at home can be a great change of pace for a “get together”.  Professional Jam Sessions are used by musicians to showcase their talents to their peers, and have a certain “etiquette” attached.  Most Jams of this type are held in bars or large open spaces – and there are strict rules for participating. If you want to host an “organized” jam for serious musicians, make sure you space is large enough and won’t bother the neighbors.

Jamming at home with your friends is meant to be fun, so you want the “event” to be fun for everyone – more like a “sing along” than a performance.  An informal “jam session” can involve several instruments playing together, or just someone with a guitar while others sing and  bringing back memories of your school days with songs by The Beatles or Rolling Stones.

Make sure everyone is involved – even the “non-musical” types – the purpose is participation and fun, not to showcase “talent”.

Make sure you have a space and area that can accommodate instruments, if necessary. Most “informal jams” with friends are accomplished by sitting or standing around a piano or guitar singing old favorites.  Make sure everyone is comfortable, and that even those with little singing “talent” are involved and having a good time – no judges or judgments on talent or ability. Warm things up by serving drinks and refreshments, “getting to know you” small talk, and maybe play some CDs or videos of popular bands and singers to break the ice.

Karaoke (or “Videoke”) parties are fun, and don’t require instruments or remembering lyrics. Many bars and restaurants also have Videoke players and programs can be downloaded to your TV or computer as well.


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