Making Your Music Work for You

Working in any creative art requires a tough skin and a lot of self-confidence, and the music industry is no exception. For a musician/performer especially there are many bumps on the road to success. The trick is learning how to deal with disappointment and keep moving toward your goals.

Here are some ways to deal with common problems and not lose sight of where you want to go and who you want to be.

No Response to Your Audition.  The first thing you should know is that every successful musician or band has faced the same response, which is generally no response at all. It doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong; it’s just that you’re probably one of several others. What they want to see is your talent, professionalism and enthusiasm, but your auditor  won’t be a Cheer leader. Understand too that whatever the result, it’s not really about you.

No One Came to Your Gig. Nothing is as disheartening as playing to an empty room. The bottom line is you can’t force people to come and if you’re just getting started so you won’t be the “main even”; but Do your best to turn a negative into a positive; take every opportunity to perform and be seen. Remember the stars and headliners started the same way you did.

Where are the People? Few things are as disheartening as playing to an almost empty room on the night of a gig. You can’t force people to come, but remember: those who were there will tell others about you performance. So make the best of it, and you’ll start seeing more people.

There are  no guarantees, but if you stay positive and focus on you goal and your ability to “build a buzz”, your next performance will be another step to the top.

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