Mexico Responds to Trump

To say the least, Donald Trump is not popular in Mexico.

When he entered the presidential race Trump gave a heated diatribe against Mexico in general and undocumented migrants specifically, depicting them as “rapists” and “drug dealers”.

Mexicans responded. Some of Mexico’s most popular comedians mocked Donald Trump in a satirical review portraying Trump as a dangerous buffoon in a stage production aimed directly at Trump and his depictions of Mexicans as rapists and drug peddlers; so much for diplomacy.

When he entered the presidential race Trump thundered against Mexico and undocumented immigrants; even criticizing his rival Jeb Bush for “publically speaking Spanish”. Apparently it worked; Trump is the GOP front runner: at the cost of offending Mexico, where a third of all Mexicans have relatives in the United States.

The new show, “Sons of Trump,” kicks off with an massive depiction of Trump on a $100 bill and a voice with a heavy American accent bellowing “Welcome frijoleros!”; an anti-Mexican slur meaning “bean eaters”. The rest of the review is an anti-Trump satire, portraying him as the” Ugly American” who’s philosophy is “steal, kill, and blame others.”

Audiences roared in approval. As comedian Freddy Ortega said: “if you dish it out, you’ve got to be able to take it”.
Ortega, is known for skewering his own country’s politicians, but said “because of the ridicule (Trump) heaped on Mexicans, it’s our turn to make fun of him.” The outrage has inspired many to fly the Mexican flag and a TV advertising blitz under the slogan “Proud to be Mexican”, featuring high profile Mexican Americans like billionaire tycoon Carlos Slim, Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron and soccer star Javier Hernandez.

Trump may be a hero for some, but will the rest of America think so? We’ll soon find out.

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