Movie Myths: True or False?

Here are some popular movie myths that many believe are true. 

There’s a real dead Munchkin in “The Wizard Of Oz”.  Myth: The story goes that an actor playing a Munchkin, suffering from unrequited love, hanged himself on the set; and you can  his lifeless little body swinging in the background when Dorothy and her pals are picking fruit from the talking trees. What you really see is a large bird, probably a heron, roaming around the set to add some “outdoor” ambiance to the sound stage setting.

Myth: One Bond Girl was actually a Bond Guy. True (sort of). One of the girls, Caroline Cossey, using her stage name “Tula”, was born a man, but had a full sex change surgery seven years prior to appearing in ‘For Your Eyes Only’.

Myth: You can see a ghost in the film “Three Men and a Baby”. False. It’s one of the most persistent movie myths that you can see the ghost of a young boy killed in the house during filming.  But a deleted scene shows the “ghost “is actually a cardboard cut-out of actor Ted Danson’s character, not the ghost of a child killed in the house during filming. The real mystery is how this movie ever got made in the first place.

Myth:  Charlie Chaplin lost a Charlie Chaplin “The Tramp” lookalike Contest. True. The most famous and recognizable movie star is his iconic character “The Tramp” once entered a “Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike Contest” competition held in a San Francisco theatre. According to those who attended, the judges looked right at the real Charlie Chaplin “in his authentic “The Tramp” costume.  In a routine worthy of a Chaplin movie, the Judges took a look and said:  Next”!

The real Charlie Chaplin Tramp didn’t even get into the contest.

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