Music Lessons For Your Kids? Think “Drums”

Most parents, when deciding on music lesson for their children, typically choose the piano or as the “instrument of choice”. After all, the piano actually makes music, drums just make noise.

Despite the fame of Ringo Starr or Gene Krupa, the piano and the violin are the “class acts” in the music world. Which is why most parents tend to choose the piano for their childs “musical education”. Perhaps with dreams of a Carnegie Hall concert performance dancing in their heads. Despite these perceptions, taking drum lessons actually have a lot of benefits for children.

It’s an established fact that music lessons help children become smarter in school. After all, music and math are two intertwined subjects. Music is performed arithmetic: sound is broken down into fractions: whole notes, half notes and quarter notes. Reading music is understand the value of fractions, and teaches rhythm and timing.

Bur drum lesson also has other benefits. It helps memory timing and recognition, and the physical banging, clanging, and beating of drums, cymbals and xylophones and can help build physically strength and endurance: ever tried marching in a parade with a drum at your hip? Drums helps a child’s endurance,

Trumpets are trumpets, but there are a variety of drums and percussion instruments that a child can learn to master. And being in a band is a “team sport” that that any child can participate in. As such it builds stamina and team skills for children not able to play sports, and gives them the opportunity to participate in school and community events.

Regardless if they reach Carnegie Hall or not, the skills an disciples they learn, both physical and mental, will help them later in life.

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