One-Hour Party Preparation

Have only an hour to get ready for guests? Here’s a quick front-to-back check-list of “to-dos” that quickly cleans up the most visible areas in your home.  Save the rest of the cleaning for after the party!

1.    Sweep the front steps, walk and driveway. Clean the front door glass if you have one.
2.    Pick up clutter and trash with a laundry basket and stash out of sight.
3.    Dispose of trash and replace waste baskets with clean liners.
4.    Wipe down dirty areas in the bathrooms with cleaner and paper towels.
5.    Clean the toilets and give them a quick brushing.
6.    Wipe down bathroom floors with a damp towel.
7.    Replace with clean hand towels and hand soap in bathroom if necessary.
8.    Close the doors to rooms your guests don’t need to use (bedrooms closets, etc.)
9.    Vacuum high-traffic areas guests will see.
10.    Quickly dust wood floors using a dust mop.
11.    Wipe down kitchen counters with household cleaner.
12.    Discarding leftovers and expired food from the refrigerator.
13.    Move large containers to the back of the fridge to make room for food and beverages that your guests may bring.
14.    Straighten stacks of magazines and books.
15.    Straighten sofa pillows.
16.    Arrange coat closet to make room for hanging guests’ coats, umbrellas , etc.
17.    Light scented candles to give your home a fresh, clean aroma.
18.    Take the last few minutes to relax out on your “party face”!

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