Party Ice Breakers

Sometimes it hard to get a party rolling, even among good friends, or maybe because they are good friends, a get together can become routine. One way to liven up a get together, of course is to invite new people to the group, but then the problem may be how to get everyone to “break the ice”.  Having a planned “Ice Breaker” game or routine can add new interest among old friends, and also help any “newcomers” feel part of the group.  Also, icebreakers can insure that your party isn’t just another gathering where everyone stands around in little groups gossiping.  Some fun suggestions

Meet&Match.  Fill a bowl with M&M’s and pass it around, with everyone taking a small handful   but without eating them. The host then picks an M&M and everyone with an M&M the same color will in turn and tell something about themselves. Quite often what someone says will prompt a similar experience anecdote or story from others. Even old friends may find some new insight about someone they’ve known for years.

I’ve Done That!  Have a list of “have you ever…” questions to ask your guests. The host or one of the guests in turn picks a statement and reads it out loud. Anyone who can say “Yes, I’ve done that!” recites, in turn the circumstances when, where and how it happened. Encourage comments from others to start a conversation. Choose questions that are unique, interesting but possible, For example:

  • Have you ever visited or lived in another Country?
  • Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?
  • Have you ever met a celebrity?
  • Have you ever gone mountain climbing?
  • Have you ever been in an earthquake/tornado/hurricane?
  • Have you ever played a sport?
  • Can you speak a second language?
  • Have you ever played an instrument?


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