Party “Problem Solver”: Suggestions on Dealing with the Unexpected.

No matter how well you’ve planned your party, something’s probably going to go wrong; and the bigger the event, the more likely something unexpected will happen. So when you starting planning your party, use the boy scout maxim: “Be Prepared”.

Being prepared means anticipating problems before they happen, so you have a back up plan – just in case. The more you’ve anticipated potential problems before of the party, the more likely they won’t happen. And if they do happen, you won’t be the one to panic, because you have a back up plan.

So the band you scheduled backed out at the last minute?  Fortunately you have a list of other bands that you can call to fill in, and have planned  some other form of entertainment and activities just in case – a night of party games, or a karaoke party can be just as much fun.

The caterer is late with the food?  Have snacks and “munchies” ready, and have a list of take- out and delivery restaurants and fast food places that can be called at short notice, and have enough snacks available to fend off the hunger pangs.

If you’re having a big event, there may be a problem with “party –crashers” – uninvited “guests” who show up to be part of the fun.   This can be a bit more problematic.  Make sure that there s some form security available, and have a “guest list” made up so that security can check the names of the invited guests.

What’s worse than having an uninvited guest join the party? It’s having an invited guest turned away because their name was NOT on the list. So check and double check the list before the event to make sure everyone that you want to be there is on the list. Always be nearby to greet your guests as they arrive, and also, if any problems arrive, you can quickly resolve the problem without a scene.

The larger the event, the more things can go wrong.  The bet way to make sure that everything goes right is to use the three “B’s”:


Don’t let things get to you. If you act frustrated, anxious or angry, it will affect your guests. They will take their cue from you.  If you’re not upset or flustered by a problem or a glitch in the plan, your guests won’t be either; and may not even know something’s wrong.  If you act as if everything’s under control and the situation is being taken care of–it probably will be.


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