Preventing Wedding Disasters

A wedding is not only one of the most memorable days of s0meone’s life, but it can be one of the most expensive as well. From the dress to the caterer to the photographer, a wedding can cost a lot, and with so much on the line, you want to do everything you can to ensure it goes flawlessly. Most weddings have problems, but most are minor, even laughable.  Just part of the memory. But in rare occasions they can be devastating: an undelivered wedding dress, or a photographer that never appears.

One protection to all that money and effort is getting wedding insurance. That can help recover some of the money if things go wrong. Wedding insurance is recommended as soon as you begin placing deposits with vendors and with the reception site

There are two types of “wedding insurance” engaged couples should consider purchasing. Both can protect any financial loss if the “unexpected” occurs.

Event liability insurance focuses on the venue of the event itself. This coverage covers any property or other damages at the reception site, including injuries and “ alcohol-related” accidents.

Event cancellation and postponement insurance is also available, in case unforeseen circumstances force a cancellation or postponement, due to illness, or some natural disaster.  This insurance can help reimburse the cost of cancelling and rescheduling, and can also reimburse the cost of “no-show” vendors, canceled  reception venues, damaged wedding dresses and even stolen photographs.

Also, Pay by credit card. You can legally dispute na any charges on your credit card. Cash and check payments don’t have the protection credit cards have.

Hire an accredited wedding planner. But read a fine print, and ask questions. If the contract makes you uncomfortable, see if it can be adjusted, or find another that  fits your needs.

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