Sexism in American Films

Sexism in American Films?
George Clooney has the Answer!

According to Hollywood star George Clooney, It’s very simple. At the Toronto Film Festival he proposed a surprisingly simple solution to help eliminate sexism in Hollywood, either intended or otherwise: Rewrite roles originally intended for men so they can be played by women.

Actually it was actress Sandra Bullock, not Clooney, who started that line of thinking. Apparently, Bullock read the script for a film about an American political consultant modeled after real-life political consultant James Carville, managing a presidential campaign in Bolivia; and she wanted to play that role, even though it was written for a man.

She asked Clooney, the movie’s co-producer about remaking the part so t she could play it. According to Clooney, as soon as Bullock requested to play the part, the movie quickly moved toward production.

Not just Bullock, but many Hollywood actresses have complained about what they considered to be a lack of relevant roles for women in films, and they pointed to a study that found women comprised only 12% of leading roles in the top earning films in 2014. That is becoming to slowly change: Julia Roberts’ part in the forthcoming movie Secret in Their Eyes, and Emily Blunt’s was originally written for a man, as was Emily Blunt’s FBI agent the upcoming film Sicario. But is this really a trend? And if so, how farr will it go in the other direction? Will the next STAR WARS sequel feature characters such as Lucy StarWalker, Hanna Solo, or Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Sister? Probably not, but perhaps we will see more films featuring mre women characters starring in very “unconventional” roles.


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