“Sports Widow” Relief

So you thought someone had to be dead to be a “widow”! There is a parallel.

Does your otherwise loving and attentive husband or significant other suddenly change into mindless zombie who is completely obsessed with televised activities centering on ovoid or circular objects thrown, kicked or whacked by a variety of sticks and clubs? If so, you are part of a growing number of women who have become, by no fault of their own, what is commonly called “Sports Widows”.

There seems to be no hope or known cure, But there are alternatives that do not require physical violence or divorce. While your husband is obsessively riveted to the TV, or absent attending a sporting event in person, this is a perfect time for the Sports Widow to find herself a “hobby” of her own.

Shopping comes first to mind, of course; but prolonged shopping can be prohibitively expensive. Painting and macramé, may not be exactly the most absorbing or fulfilling alternative.

And forget about having an affair!  While certainly distracting, it is, of course, morally wrong. In any case, there is a strong possibility that HE will be watching the same game as your husband!

A more realistic alternative is joining a group of “Sports Widows”, who share their temporary freedom from domestic bliss by get-together to movies, trips and sharing  sports martyrdom together as  a support group. The web has many links to Sport Widows Clubs that offer activities and even trips.

Some even offer trips to … (wait for it) … Sporting Events!

Which begs the question; why be a “Sports Widow” when you could be a ”Sports Wife”?  Sharing HIS interests might make him more interested in sharing YOURS as well. One baseball game with him – one dinner and a movie with you!  Who knows? You BOTH might enjoy being together.

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