Stonewall Golf Club Bridal Show and Jammin Java

DJ Debbie Bulles and I participated in the Stonewall Golf Club bridal show on Sunday April 26, 2009. The exquisitely designed clubhouse and elegantly adorned Magnolia Room offered grand panoramic views of Lake Manassas, water fountains and golf courses. There was a classical string quartet playing as guests strolled from vendor table to vendor table, inquiring about Bialek’s Music DJ’s, bands and everything else from photographers to cake designers. There were also live models showing off designer wedding dresses.

It was a beautiful sunny day, complimentary drinks and horderves were served, helping put everybody in a great mood. Big kudos to Jeanna Hilton, the Director of Sales at Stonewall GC!

Jammin Java

Thoroughly enjoyed the Accapella concert at Jammin Java last night. The three groups, Kismet (above), Skyline, and Cartoon Johnny (below) were superb. Dan’s friend Judy sung her heart out (last Lady on the right)! This was the first time we’d seen Kismet and they didn’t disappoint.
Dan and I are already big fans of Cartoon Johnny and their token female vocalist, Darcy Ramano. We’ve booked them a few times already for cocktail receptions. Finally, we got to see her Daughter for the first time. CUTEST…KID….EVER.

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