Terrace Room at 101 Constitution Avenue.

Terrace Room at 101 Constitution Avenue.

The Terrace Room at 101 Constitution Avenue gave Sesma and their guests an awesome view of the Capital on their huge outdoor terrace.  Thanks to Kim Reyes from the Terrace Room and Cheryl Lazo of Federal City Caterers and Ray for taking pictures.

The girls from Brazil, Ayalla & Keula.
Joanie Rylander of Purple Onion Catering, Ayalla, Ray from  Bialek’s  Music and Keula of Supurb Cuisine.


Joanie Rylander with Alison Fisher of Occasions Caterers and Michelle Fishman of Main Event.


Michael Jassar with Izzie & Tiffany of RSVP Catering.


Ayalla flew in from Brazil for the Sesma Meeting and to meet Ray.


Our president Tara Zimnick – Calico with the Girls from Brazil.

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