The Healing Power of Music

Research has shown that music has a profound effect on body and soul. In fact, there’s an entire  field of health care known as “music therapy”, that is,  music to heal as well as entertain.

Music therapy has been found to help cancer patients, children with ADD,  and even some hospitals are using music, and music therapy, to help with pain management, dealing with depression, promoting movement, and easing muscle tension, among other benefits.

Research has shown that music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate in sync with the rhythm. With faster “beats” bringing sharper concentration and more alert thinking and a slower tempo promotes  a calmer, meditative state.

Research has found that the change in brain activity levels that music brings enable the brain to “shift gears” more easily, benefiting one’s state of mind even after they’ve stopped listening.

Some clear benefits are seen in:

Breathing and Heart Rate: changes in brainwaves can also change other bodily function, such as breathing, and heart rates can be altered by music by slowing breathing and heart actions.

State of Mind: Music can be used to bring a more positive state of mind, and help to eliminate depression and anxiety, and keep optimism levels high and g other benefits as well, such as lowering blood pressure.

We already know how music can be used for relaxation, to gain energy and improve our outlook and deal with stress, now music is becoming a medical tool on its own.


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