What Makes a Successful Musician?

The music industry has always been competitive, and it’s getting even harder to make a living in music alone. Luck is a major factor for success, but luck along can’t be managed or relied on. It’s important to have realistic standards and expectations.

There are some basics qualities successful musicians have:

They have no choice. Successful musicians are confident, courageous, adventurous and committed to their music and their career. When you have no Plan B, Plan A has to work: it’s a complete commitment.

That won’t guarantee success, but it is a good motivator. Successful musicians, whether a single performer, or professional concert musician or teacher, must have the confidence, dedication and courage to dive into a music career headfirst.

They educate themselves. Music is a business as well as an art A professional musician must wear many hats. If you in a band, you might end up as manager, or promoter or booking agent. And as a solo artist you may need to take on all of these roles. Consult your peers, and those who are where you want to be.

Prepare to live modestly. It’s a long hard road to the top. Depending on the path you take, it’s possible that even if you’re stable, it might take years before you get the attention and income you want. Every great artist started as a “nobody”.

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