What Makes Rock Stars Sexy?

Just looking at Mick Jagger doesn’t quite explain his charisma; but the fact is Rock Stars, as a species, are generally considered to have sex appeal. Why? According to some, it’s because they’re Rock Stars: they play music and they can sing.

Most males in High School have learned that if you can sing and play the guitar, your status with girls improves in a way that good grades and being an Honor Student doesn’t.

It also becomes clear that you don’t even have to play in a band to attract girls; just looking like you play in one is enough. This is why teenaged American males in the 60’s were growing their hair long and adopting “Liverpudlian” accents; because every teenage girl was swooning over “The Beatles”!

It’s often not even about the music itself, but the culture that surrounds the music. In High School we had an exchange student named Nigel. He was not handsome, he couldn’t even sing. He had bad teeth and wore a tie! To school! But as soon as they heard his English accent, the girls were all over him.  Well, the All American Boys had to keep up.

Had we spent as much time on homework as we did practicing guitar riffs, who knows what our futures held?

Mature women tend to be attracted to men with qualities that reflect stability, maturity and skills can support a family. These are not qualities that necessarily reflect the American teenage male, some of whom never quite grow up.  There are men in their 60’s still trying to sing like Keith Richards and look like Alice Cooper, or vice versa. But women are not exempt.

I’ve seen too many “Madonna’s” in shopping malls.

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