Why We Are Different

Compared with other body parts, the shape and configuration of a human face has more variables and variety than any other part of the human body. That’s because the genes associated with face structure vary more than in other regions of the body.

This suggests that facial diversity is a deliberate genetic plan to make human more diverse, and making individuals more recognizable to others..

Few other species has such a diversity.. One lion, monkey or elephant, looks pretty much like every any other Lion, monkey or elephant. Researchers still believe that having a unique face actually benefit us.

Call it an “evolutional name tag”. Just like name tags identify individuals in a convention, a face can tell of about the person, which as we have seen, can be both  advantage and also a problem. In the highly organized and diverse human culture, there are situations where being ‘unique” is necessary.

Without such diversity, one person could be confused with everyone else. If all humans look exactly alike, like fish and rabbits, how could we ever choose a winner in a beauty contest, or identify a criminal in a police lineup?

A common trait of racists is to see other races not as a” group of individuals” but to see them as we would view a school of goldfish , “types” with few difference and little diversity.

Most human body parts are internally consistent; a person’s hand is structurally similar to any other person’s hand.  Faces, however,are not predictable or consistent. They are unique.

To find when this diversity occurred in our evolution, researchers compared the DNA of modern humans to the DNA of a Neanderthal (name unknown), In both the modern and ancient DNA, they showed similar levels of variability, suggesting that facial diversity evolved long before modern humans arrived.

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