Why You Should Still Read Books

In a world of TV, Movies, and Cell Phones, many of us have forgotten the simple pleasure of “curling up with a good book”. In a recent poll, 28% of American adults had not read even one book in an entire year.

But reading book is more than just a means of passing time. A recent study suggests that literature might help strengthen our “mind-reading” abilities.

Research showed that reading literary works cultivates a skill described as “an ability to discern the thoughts and feelings of others”. In other words, reading makes you more sensitive and intuitive to other’s feelings and emotions. The catch is, there has to be some “meat on the bone”.Reading just popular thrillers and romance novels doesn’t do as well.
But empathy and knowledge isn’t the only way a “bookworm” improve their mind and well-being.

Here are some “scientifically proven” reasons to put down the remote and pick up a book.

Reading cools you down. Reading is the most effective way to overcome stress; even better than listening to music, a cup of coffee or a long walk. It takes just six minutes to relax once someone starts reading.

It keeps your brain sharp. A lifetime of reading helps keep your brain in shape as you age. People who engage in mentally stimulating activities such as reading experienced slower memory decline compared to those who didn’t. The sooner one starts exercising their brain by reading and other creative activities, the better one’s brain health in old age,

Reading helps you sleep better. A regular routine of reading before bed calms your mind and helps prepare you for sleep.

Reading makes you “empathetic”. People who were “emotionally affected” by works of fiction were more open and empathetic in real life.

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