You’ll Like the Music if You Like the Space

Researchers have found that the emotional impact of music is not only the music itself but also  the space it plays in;  and that the emotional impact experienced by music depends on the  acoustics of the space it performs is as much as the music itself; , and concert halls are is specifically designed to make the music presented create  the strongest emotional experiences possible.

Research has shown that music presented in the an appropriate environment may elicit physical reactions in a listener. And that is true regardless of the form or type of music being played.

A research group attempted to understand how specific acoustics affect sound, and how people react to the music in different spaces.  Researchers tested subjects to a Beethoven symphony and measured the acoustics in different concert halls by sensors attached to the listeners’ fingers to record emotional reactions.   It was found that reaction to the music depended on the specific environment it was presented.

The greatest response was revealed when a performance of classical orchestra music was presented in a “shoe-box” type concert hall designed specifically for that kind music; and the same music played outdoors, with all the distractions that can be encountered often affects the performance

The same is true for other forms of music. Rock music is designed for large open spaces: arenas and outdoor performances where the vocal and physical actions from both performers and spectators alike are part of the performance and the culture

After all, emotional experiences are a key factor in any kind of music. The reactions and mannerisms may be different, but the result is essentially the same.

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