Your Big Event: Planning Your Own or Hiring a Professional

Great Music Makes A Great Event
Having a great band at your event can be the difference between rave reviews and something your guests quickly forget. Planning an event and getting the right band might sound easy, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

If you have lots of experience organizing events, then these arraignments might be second nature to you. If you don’t, you might consider some of the following concerns that could make it or break it when you are deciding whether to plan your own event or hire a professional.

The Bugaboo of Bookings and Contracts

Booking the band you want at the time you need them takes advance planning. Popular bands have busy schedules, and are usually booked up months in advance, so PLAN AHEAD!  And have a fall back plan if the band, caterer or entertainment you want isn’t available.  Besides finding a band that is available for the date of your event, there may be some negotiation to do before you get a signed contract. Make sure you know what you’re getting into – go over ALL the details— Not only the price tag but also approve the band attire, music selection and also number of breaks the band will take as well. Make a check list of issues and needs and make sure all items are covered and agreed to in writing with a signed contract.  The thing you don’t want to hear during the event is “That wasn’t the agreement!”  Make sure what you want,  is what you get.

Music That Matches

You want your music to match the event type, the guest list, as well as the venue. Not bands all can accommodate all venues, and not all guests will appreciate all music. Make sure you book a band that will fit in with the theme or purpose of the event, and fit the tastes of your guests. If you’re not sure, play it safe and hire a band that can play a broad range of music from rock and roll to the oldie. so that the musical tastes and preferences of all your guests can be accommodated.  If you’re not comfortable or unsure about much decisions,, then it’s best to book a professional event coordinator who has the experience in coordinating all the elements of an event, making sure all these parts fit together.

Troubleshooting Trouble

Unforeseen events can ruin your party. Your event schedule may face delays or emergencies. Working with the band to go with the flow could cut into your being there for your guests. A professional event coordinator is ready and able when trouble calls.  It’s your party too!  You should be able to enjoy the evening and not have to worry about all the details and solve all the problems. That’s the event coordinator’s job.

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