Your Clothes can be Dangerous!

Some fashions choices can be bad for your health.

High Heels. Very high heels are bad for your feet. Those six-inch stilettos can also create posture problems, skin irritations, and even toe deformities. High heels put all your body weight on your forefoot, causing the rest of your body adjust to maintain balance. The bottom half of your body leans forward so the top half must lean back—disrupting the normal ‘S’ curve of your back.  It flattens your lower spine and displaces your mid-back and neck, making it hard to maintain good posture. —it looks bad, and damages your spine. High heels can also cause structure and skin problems for your feet. The best way to avoid this is to switch between heels and sneakers as much as possible, and only wearing very high heels for dining out when you’ll likely be sitting most of the evening.

Tight, Low-Rise Jeans.  According to doctors, tight jeans cause a compression of the lateral femoral nerve; a condition seen previously only in large bellied men that wore their belts too tight. Doctors say you can still wear low-rise jeans; just get them in a larger size.

Wet Bathing Suits. Didn’t mom tell you not to sit around in a wet bathing suit? She was right, Wet bathing suits (and sweaty workout clothes) can create itchy infections. Change out of tight or wet clothing as soon as possible, and wear cotton instead of synthetic underwear.”

Clothes may make the man or woman, but they can also make them ill.  Being “In Style” isn’t worth being sick or crippled later on.



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