Your Party’s going great! What about the Neighbors?

Big catered parties require some security to prevent uninvited people from slipping in for a free meal and joining the fun at your expense. You have enough to do managing the party and keeping your invited guests happy without having to keep an eye on the front door. Some rented halls may provide their own security, which, of course adds to the cost, or you might have to hire some security yourself if you think there may be problems.

But great parties don’t always have to be big, catered affairs with a band and dozens of guests filling a rented hall.  Sometimes, a small intimate party with friends at your home can be just as fun as well as  being more  manageable and affordable .  A pool or lawn party at your home can have the same amenities as a big affair in a rented hall without the expense; and can be more easily managed.

However, even a relatively small party at your house requires some thought and preparation. One of the biggest issues with a “house party”  is going to be the reaction of your neighbors.  Parties typically stretch into the night, and tend to get louder as the drinks and food are consumed and the party spirit intensifies.

Some communities may have a curfew, so that parties won’t stretch into the wee hours when everyone else is trying to sleep. So the first thing you need to do is find out if there is a curfew, and what time it is enforced.    Even if there isn’t a curfew, you need to keep in mind that you party may be seen as a nuisance, even on a Saturday night.  The best way to deal with that is to be a good neighbor yourself. Go to your neighbors and inform them you are planning a party and how late it will last so they are informed beforehand.  In fact, invite them to drop by for some food and drinks and meet your friends; after all, no one’s going to complain if they’re part of the festivities!  Even if they decline, the courtesy of informing them and inviting them will lessen any potential resentment.

During the party, make your  guests aware of the limits, both behavioral and territorial, so no inebriated guest  wanders  into someone else’s yard.  Nothing kills a party faster than a visit from the police. If you think there’s going to be a problem, make you house party small and intimate.  A sit down dinner, and some small talk in the living room over cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres’ , with  maybe some  music and party games later can be just as much fun as a live music and dancing blowout.

Finally, choose your guests as carefully as you choose the menu; so there’s a good mix.  Small intimate parties, with the right mix of personalities, good food and good company are always an evening to remember. Without breaking your budget.  or the furniture.



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