How To End A Relationship

It’s not easy to break off a relationship. Sometimes it’s necessary, but just sometimes it can be fixed with a little effort. Before you make the final decision,

write down your reasons for being unhappy with the relationship; then ask yourself:

  • Is this really enough to break it off?
  • Have you tried to discuss and resolve the issues with your partner?
  • Have you given your partner a chance to explain and/or change?
  • Is it really HIM or HER, or is it YOU that has changed enough to break it off?

After making your list, let some time pass to gain some clarity. Be honest and objective as to who is responsible and why. If you eventually decide that the relationship must end, then here are some suggestions on how to break up without causing too much resentment along with the pain of a breakup.

Honesty is the best policy. That means, being honest with yourself as well as your partner. Not all relationships end because just ONE of you is at fault.

Don’t assign blame; admit your faults and failures as well as your partner’s. Once you’ve decided, don’t make the break on the phone or in a letter, unless you are far away from each other to meet. As hard as it may be, it’s better to make it in person.

Prepare you statement, but be sensitive. Don’t prosecute and place blame, and let your partner express themselves as well. Show sensitivity to their feelings, but be firm in your decision.

Don’t meet in a restaurant or other crowded places. Choose a large open area that still offers some privacy, like a park bench.

Your goal is to part as friends and then let both of you move on.

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